Morning Sunshine

Today’s word I have chosen is gratitude.

Be grateful. Appreciate your life and your blessings.

Every morning I wake up I think of many things I feel so fortunate for, the abundance of love I have within me and all around me. I take a moment each and every day to stop, breathe, and truly just soak it all in. Today in particular I am feeling beautifully overwhelmed with so many emotions of love, joy, excitement and hope all around me. I am quite certain exercising has a considerably large impact on the direction of my days. I do know I am much more at peace and can handle challenging moments in a much wiser, appropriate manner as opposed to if I haven’t sweat it out yet!

Truth: endorphins brighten my life. Need I say more?

I think it’s truly important to take the time each day to appreciate life.

Give thanks. Be mindful.

You are beautiful. You are worth it.



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