I recently am truly embracing some beautiful gems in my life. My heart is open, I am receiving and putting it out into the Universe what I yearn for. I yearn for positive people in my life. I have recently met two beauties in particular who I have crossed paths with for a very good reason. Those reasons I am unsure of at the moment, but I am thrilled to experience this journey with each of my tight-knit soulful group of positive spirits in my life. You see, the way these important people in my life make me feel…is so unique, it’s as if we are our own species and we make each other feel alive. Some days I just feel as though I am coasting through life without any particular purpose but when I am surrounded by people who choose to be happy, choose to challenge themselves, and choose to improve themselves and their lives…everything seems to be at peace when this occurs.

Prana is Sun.

Prana is Sun.

I have had many people tell me I am an inspiration and a motivator and I feel confident enough to say this is what makes me shine the brightest. I want to shed a light on those who are willing and open enough to embrace the light and share their own light with the world as well. My life isn’t perfect and I am thankful for this. I learn the most from challenges in life, I am able to grow from obstacles I am faced with…and with all of those moments I am able to continue to smile and choose to rise above and attempt at making my life that much better and in return I become that much stronger.

When I surround myself with like-minded, positive, goal oriented people I feel strong and on top of the world. Confidence is contagious. I think of my positive attitude and the light of others resembles the light and energy within the Sun. In a book I bought in India called “Prana: The Vital Force” By S. Krishnamurthi, it speaks about the Sun being energy. The Sun is the first manifestation of the Light, also fire, and is the force that protects the beings on the earth. The rays of the Sun are the illuminators of the world. The rays of the Sun are illuminators of the world. My dear friends are the rays of the sunshine and we need to stick together to light up the world.

So on top of all of those genuine words…do your best, stick with the positive side of life and continue to shine with your close friends who believe in you and only want the best for you and expect the best out of you. Win/Win situations will rule all.

Choose positivity & shine bright.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” -Helen Keller

Cheers, JMH


2 thoughts on “Optimism.

  1. Jenna, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! What a profound topic to ponder! Optimism is like the sun’s rays projecting out into the world around you, and YOU need to know that I am catching your optimism about all things LIFE. You need to know that I am refueling my own self through your positive energy and enthusiasm and I am getting set to launch. This is only the beginning of a journey, and I will remain open to all the incredible experiences that are presented to me and to the meaningful friendships of those who will bring joy to my life. Keep shining your light, Jenna! You have a lot to bring to this world, to the people in your life! You are ready to begin that next chapter in your life . . . and to write about it, too. Happy sunny day to you, my friend. I’m heading off into the rest of my day to shine my own bright light, some of which came from our positive time together this morning! What a great way to begin a Monday and a workweek! Until next time . . .

  2. There are too few people in the world who choose to let their light shine. You are a brilliant shining light Jenna! You have chosen to be that light SO many people on this planet are looking for. A beacon of hope. A star in the sky for them to follow. A burst of energy from the sun! You are one in a million! It sure is amazing to find another kindred spirit. Another shining light that when unites with another becomes a brilliant beaming light that shines even brighter! You are right-on-the-money and incredibly contagious. I am at the edge of my seat just itching with excitement to see how you are going to impact the world! Keep your light shining BRIGHT!!!!

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