Like a snake

I feel so many incredible emotions right about now….first anger, hope and then determination.

I just recently committed to a 6 month “No Excuses, Sole Success Club” , with Brook Kreder, and I couldn’t figure out what my specific goals were. I knew that I wanted to be healthier all around on so many aspects of my life. I discovered a couple things tonight during a YOGA class my heart absolutely just said “you must GO, Jenna!” it was more of a demand than a suggestion. During this yoga class I was very angry with myself at first…then I was enlightened…it was quite a rollercoaster of feelings. Of course my whole commitment with yoga is to completely better myself as a whole. Allow me to further enlighten you…better myself as a whole; my mind, my heart, my soul and so importantly my body.

Let me take you back to about 4 years ago…just so you know this freaks me out to share this but I suppose this is all a part of the process…alright, here goes everything. January 1, 2010…I hit rock bottom…absolute and utter black hole of shame, anger, sadness. I had my entire passion and life was ripped from me and it was all my fault. (Really, it was.) I made some poor choices and it lead to me getting a rather large and painful slap to the face. From then on I recovered after I spent countless hours by myself, absolutely alone. I was letting go and ready to shed my skin to begin a new fresh chapter in life. A promise to continue to improve the quality of my life and to take care of myself and my body and the ones around me I love so dearly.

Fast forward a couple years…September 2011…I was enlightened with yoga once again and a beautiful weekend seminar called “The Good Life Journey” which was so special to experience. (I forgot to mention I was teaching Yoga on board a luxury cruise ship for an extend of 9 months and absolutely fell in love with every aspect of it. I also had a student who was on the 110 day world cruise who wasn’t able to touch his knees at the beginning of the cruise and by the time the cruise was over, he was able to touch his toes. It was the most beautiful and powerful thing to be a part of. He always asked how he could take his yoga practice deeper and why I lead him to do certain poses and how to breathe and then lead him into a relaxing meditation at the end. He is one of the reasons I wanted to deepen my own knowledge as an instructor and in my personal practice.) So all of these processes take time and it’s all about letting go and allowing yourself to live and forgiving yourself…shedding your skin. January 2012 until the end of February 2012 I had one of the most intense and memorable experiences to take a journey to India to study Yoga. To learn more about my experience please visit: Manifesting my India



Since I have experienced India and have been back here in pretty Red Wing, MN…I haven’t really embraced my yoga practice and this makes me angry with myself. So now…I shall move forward and overcome this madness. I am shedding this layer of skin and moving forward, I am going to continue to be an ultimate bad ass and strive to be my true authentic self! I can do this…I am committing to myself and my close tight knit loves that in 6 months you will see a lighter, brighter, more confident, and ever yoga loving soul. I promise to myself first, then I promise to you. My promise is to forgive myself, applaud myself, laugh, breathe deep and well, meditate, yoga yoga YOGA, and above all…love myself.

Hold me to it if I’m letting you down. Promise?!

(I feel better now)

“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up…it means moving on.”- Anonymous

Much love,


P.S. Namaste ❤


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